100 Club of Brazoria County



The 100 Club's financial support consists of a lump sum payment for the members of the family in an amount approved by the Board of Directors.
If you would like to join the 100 Club of Brazoria County and further its mission, you can join today!

Several ways
to join

Individual Annual

$100 Annual Contribution

Individual Lifetime

$1,000 One-Time Contribution

Family Lifetime

$1,200 One-Time Contribution

Annual Recurring

Annual Recurring Contribution


Business Booster is a Lifetime Membership $1,000.00-$4,999.00

$1,000-$4,999 One-Time Contribution

Business Patron is a Lifetime Membership $5,000

$5,000 One-Time Contribution

We have, indeed, been fortunate in Brazoria County. In 50+ years, only 7 law enforcement officers have been slain in the line of duty. But we should not be content with statistics. Few of us would trade places with the men and women who daily risk their lives for our safety and the safety of our property. The least we can do is to show them we care and to promise -- should the worst happen -- their spouse and children will not be left alone and forgotten. The 100 Club of Brazoria County will help us look after bereaved families -- not just in their initial phases of grief, but, as our membership and goals expand, through the years. We urge you to join us in this fine work.

When a law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty, a special fund will be opened at a local bank in that officer's name. As a member, you will be notified of the fund in the event you want to contribute; however, contribution is strictly voluntary. The news media are also notified of the death, so that non-members may contribute to the fund if they desire, and also to publicize the work of the 100 Club. After all special contributions are received, these monies, along with an appropriation from the general fund (the amount of which is decided by the Executive Committee), are contributed to the family of the slain officer.

Because of the hazards met daily by our law enforcement officers, insurance is difficult and sometimes impossible to obtain; and when available is often so expensive that the officer cannot afford this protection for this family and peace of mind for themselves. The 100 Club seeks to supplement the officer's savings and insurance with a contribution to the spouse and children should they be killed in the line of duty.